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3 months down, forever to go!


I am not sure where to start this. The beginning? You were born at 1:52pm on March 29th. You weighed 9lbs and 13ozs. You did not want to come out, that’s for sure. It took two doctors and a vacuum to pull you out and into this world, and when they did you screamed in protest! It was the sweetest sound my ears have ever heard. You were so big Christopher. You barely fit into your newborn clothes and were able to hold your head up and throw it around. When I saw you in the nursery lined up with the other babies you did not look like a newborn! We stayed in the hospital for 5 days, I had a hard time parting with you when the nurses would come for vitals. Everyone said I should have let you hang out in the nursery more but I couldn’t bear to be away from you for a minute.

The first few weeks were hard. You wouldn’t go in the bassinet and the crib was too far from our room so I let you sleep in our bed. I was terrified to roll on you so we didn’t get much sleep. You were up every couple of hours to be fed and that just wasn’t working for us so we started giving you a little bit of rice cereal in your bottle and you started sleeping 12 hours at a time! SUCCESS!

Around 5 weeks old you started “talking” to us. You loved to make eye contact with me and just tell me stories. Every once in a while you let out a loud scream and your hands and feet start going in excitement. You are totally able to hold your head up and grab things but you absolutely HATE being put on your tummy.

A few weeks ago (you were 11 weeks old) it was around 2 am and you started to cry-completely out of the ordinary for you. I ran down to your room to check on you and you had ROLLED OVER! You were crying because you couldn’t figure out how to get from your back to your belly, so we had to flip you back over. This has become routine for us. Every now and again in your sleep you turn yourself over and call for us to come flip you back! Daddy calls you an “angry turtle”.

I went back to work when you were 11 weeks old. That was by far way harder than I thought it was going to be. For some reason I have it in my head that no one can take care of you the way I can or love you as much, I know I am right! I love every minute we spend together. I love that I know you, all of your cries, your cues, your smiles. I love the time we spend together getting ready for bed. Bath, massage, a story then bed. I love being the first one you see when you wake up in the morning and the last person you see before bed. I love just sitting quietly and listening to you suck your thumb on the monitor (your thumb is always in your mouth)!!. When I am not with you I don’t feel complete anymore, you have changed my life.

Remember my promise to you- as long as you keep sleeping through the night, there’s nothing we can’t handle!

Love you Ma-mush,


Fourth Letter to him..

To my son,

I am sorry this letter is so late. I have been trying to write to you every month but unfortunately life gets in the way. I have had so much going on these past few weeks that I couldn’t find enough time to sit quietly and write to you.

I am 35 weeks, we are getting down to the wire kid 😉 This is how big you are!!!

You are moving all the time. I am able to feel your feet when you try to push them through my tummy! You twist and turn and stretch mostly during the night. You have figured out how to hook your toes right up under my right rib cage and when you do that you literally take my breath away! I have to sleep with lots of pillows now because the weight of my belly pressing up on my diaphragm makes me feel like I am suffocating. I have officially lost site of my ankles and my legs hurt so bad sometimes I can’t make it up the stairs…BUT, I love every minute of it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. The other night your dad and I were watching TV and I felt you making the same tiny movement over and over for about 3 had the hiccups! We both laughed and smiled as we laid there trying to feel you.

On January 25th we went to beautiful beginnings for a special 4d ultrasound. I invited all of your close family and a few of your cousins to join us for this special “sneak peek” of you! Although it wasn’t really necessary to have this ultrasound, I couldn’t resist doing it. I wanted to see the details to your face, wanted to catch you smiling or sucking your thumb. Turns out you have a full head of hair (says the sonographer-don’t know how accurate that is seeing as neither your father or I have a full head of hair)!! All and all it was worth it. Watching Grandpa’s face when he finally figured out what he was looking at was priceless. There were smiles that money couldn’t buy, smiles that only come out in the presence of true love. At the end they gave us a dvd and some pictures to take home and they also recorded your heartbeat and put it in a bear for me to keep always! This is you at 30 weeks, you are so much bigger now!

Your Aunt Toni and your Gran threw us our baby shower on February 6th. It was at the Ceola Manor in Jefferson Valley, NY (your Aunt Toni and Uncle Derek were married there)!!!  Although I would like to say I walked into a great big surprise party-not a fan of surprises-I have to admit I did know about it. For the beginning of February the day was perfect! The sun was shining and the weather was perfect. The room was beautifully decorated, there were tulips on every table in vases adorned with blue ribbons and colorful white and blue stones. Mylar balloons held in place with rolled up diapers that were placed around the room. You were able to look out a great big picture window to a lake half-frozen over with ice and ducks playing in the water. There was an L shaped table that was overflowing with brightly wrapped presents-it took over an hour to get through them all!  It was like Christmas again but only it was all for you.  The gifts for you are still coming in the mail! Feels like every day something new is arriving! I can’t express the gratitude I feel toward my friends and family for loving you so much already.

Your nursery is finally done! Your Nana (Dads mom) bought your entire set of nursery furniture. It looks beautiful against the blue and brown walls your Uncle Derek painted for you. Your drawers are filled with tiny little outfits and your closet is filled with toys and games! I don’t know how such a little person can occupy so much space. Your stuff has taken over the guest room, the linen closet and half the guest bathroom! That can’t be normal! Here are some before and after pics of your brand new room!

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So my love that pretty much catches you up on all that has been going on around here. In less than 5 weeks we will welcome you into this world and into our family!  To say that we are anxiously awaiting your arrival is an understatement. But, don’t get any crazy ideas and come too early, you need to bake for a little while longer!

Love you,


Third letter to him..

Month 7 (28 weeks)

To my son,

This has been a month of milestones my love. First and foremost we are officially in our last trimester! We have made it to a place I thought I would never see and I am beyond ecstatic! You are just about 2 1/2 pounds now. You are opening your eyes and sticking out your tongue all inside my belly! You are becoming more and more active and really get going around 6am. The other day when daddy was leaning on my belly you gave him a swift kick in his back! You do not like anything crushing your space. I can no longer sleep on my belly and bending over is becoming more and more difficult! The heartburn is out of control these days, nothing makes it better. My feet are constantly swollen and my hands and face are getting plump! I made an appointment for the 4D ultrasound and have to ask you a favor. Since this will probably be one of the last times to capture you on film while you are still inside me can you please cooperate? No turning over and mooning us like last time, I would really like some pics for your baby book!

Second milestone of the month was surviving the holidays. I was almost run down by an SUV at best buy on black friday trying to get your father a PS3! Never again! I worked most of the holidays this year so I would have them off for all your “firsts”!!  Santa was good to mommy this year! He brought me all things to pamper myself with like a spa for my swollen feet and a towel warmer for the shower. Your uncle got you a tiny little Mets outfit that your pop did NOT love-this will be an ongoing battle, get used to it…I can’t wait to see which team you actually wind up following: the mets or the skankees yankees! Before you make your final decision just remember who carried you for 10 months! (I can’t wait to guilt you with that for the rest of your life)!

We are officially down to 2 week visits at the OB’s office! Holy shmozes we are really getting down to the wire! I took my glucose tolerance test last week and you loved the sugary goodness of that drink and were kicking before i even had it all down! The results came back fine and we do not have gestational diabetes…not for a lack of trying might I add, we really need to start eating some salad :/

Grandma came over yesterday and we started to clean out your room. We picked out the colors and purchased the paint, all that’s left to do is decide on which chair rail I will use! I am thinking of ordering your furniture the end of the month and by the time it arrives there will only be a month left. Yowza.

Well kiddo I think that’s it for now, keep on kicking 🙂


Second letter to him…

6 months and counting

My son,

I never realized how fast a month goes by until I became pregnant. It feels like I just found out about you yesterday and already I am 6 months pregnant. I had the 3 hour ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and we watched you move around in my belly. I was able to watch you kick me and feel you all at the same time. You are measuring perfectly and are 14oz big! You are like the size of a large slurpee! After we were done with the important parts of the test the ultrasound technician was going to take pictures of you for the baby book. But, you were not in the mood. You turned over on your belly and went to sleep. We tried and tried to wake you up poking at you and moving you around-even tried stimulating you with sugar but you were out like a light! What we did get was a picture of your peashie, which by the way looks to be pretty big if you ask me….but I am biased!  I took the picture and put it in your baby book…you know, In case you want to show it off when you get older! 

I wish I could promise you now that I wasn’t going to be one of those Mom’s that embarrasses her kids at soccer games or the mom with the camera that is constantly taking pictures of ALL your firsts, but I can’t.  I waited so long for you, I am oozing love for you already.

The holidays are here already my sweet child and you have me in the christmas spirit. We started cleaning out your room the other day and moving things into place. Next month we will start to paint your nursery!

In other news, I am down to listening to your heartbeat to once a day, that is a huge step for me! Now that I am feeling you more I need less reassurance that you are real. This is still all so surreal.

I love you,