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#2: Something you love about yourself

Unfortunately there is a lot less things I love about myself then hate about myself-maybe I do need time on a couch?!?

I do love my personality. Although quirky and a little high-strung at times I feel that I have an incredible personality. I can make friends wherever I go and if no one is around to charm I will talk to myself, break into dance and sing into a hairbrush to pass the time. It is true I make random chicken noises and encourage others to do the same. I am not shy and I do not embarrass easily. When I find something really, REALLY funny I cackle like a hyena and will most definitely snort unintentionally. I have been known to pick arguements for no apparent reason and I am NOT above crying to get my way. I am the first to poke fun at myself and never take anything too seriously (unless you are hurting someone I really care about). I am spontaneous and never need a plan or even a map, I just go-this can be frustrating when driving in circles for an hour or winding up in Pennsylvania instead of New Jersey. But, all in all it makes for a very interesting adventures! I will go out of my way for the ones I love but admittedly can be a bit flakey sometimes. I am an advocate of the colors gold and silver,  and am a huge fan of anything shiny or sparkley-I truly believe leaving 80’s fashion and music in the past was a HUGE mistake.

I am also really fond of my eyes and my nose really like my teeth and have a great smile!

Geeesh, it’s a lot harder complimenting yourself then criticizing yourself…probably my mothers fault!!!!


Day #1: Something you hate about yourself

So, I am unclear if this has to be one thing or if I should use bullets. Unfortunately, I have plenty to say on this topic.

My Bubbies.

I hate them. I really hate that they resemble the bubbies  on the cover of national geographic. You know which bubbies I am referring to right? You know, the african tribal women that bounce up and down all day chanting and partaking in ceremonial rituals that it has caused their bubbies to sag straight down. I am however trying to keep in mind that these are the same bubbies that are going to nourish my kid-wish I could say that knowing that made me feel better. Not so much!

The road map of stretch marks.

Over the years of going from fat to thin and then back to fat to thin to fat again, my body has had to accommodate the extra room by stretching. What i have now is a road map of texas that extends from my lower abdomen to my thighs. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to travel so I haven’t gotten to try out my very own atlas. Don’t know if Texas would be the place I would want to go anyway. The positive to this is now that I am preggo maybe I won’t get any new ones-a girl can dream!

My Bingo Wings.

This may be my favorite part. You will never see me wave goodbye to you in fear that I may knock an innocent bystander out with my bat wings. I have tried everything to tone them but they never go away. I have found a way to hide them in pictures by tucking the skin under my arm. Its hot.

I recently read in parents magazine that people come to terms with their weight during pregnancy because you are more concerned with the life inside of you and making sure the baby is nourished and healthy and overall just more content in your own skin. I can not say this has been true for me. I think my weight and body image will always be my one bone of contention and I am not sure that will ever change…