3 months down, forever to go!


I am not sure where to start this. The beginning? You were born at 1:52pm on March 29th. You weighed 9lbs and 13ozs. You did not want to come out, that’s for sure. It took two doctors and a vacuum to pull you out and into this world, and when they did you screamed in protest! It was the sweetest sound my ears have ever heard. You were so big Christopher. You barely fit into your newborn clothes and were able to hold your head up and throw it around. When I saw you in the nursery lined up with the other babies you did not look like a newborn! We stayed in the hospital for 5 days, I had a hard time parting with you when the nurses would come for vitals. Everyone said I should have let you hang out in the nursery more but I couldn’t bear to be away from you for a minute.

The first few weeks were hard. You wouldn’t go in the bassinet and the crib was too far from our room so I let you sleep in our bed. I was terrified to roll on you so we didn’t get much sleep. You were up every couple of hours to be fed and that just wasn’t working for us so we started giving you a little bit of rice cereal in your bottle and you started sleeping 12 hours at a time! SUCCESS!

Around 5 weeks old you started “talking” to us. You loved to make eye contact with me and just tell me stories. Every once in a while you let out a loud scream and your hands and feet start going in excitement. You are totally able to hold your head up and grab things but you absolutely HATE being put on your tummy.

A few weeks ago (you were 11 weeks old) it was around 2 am and you started to cry-completely out of the ordinary for you. I ran down to your room to check on you and you had ROLLED OVER! You were crying because you couldn’t figure out how to get from your back to your belly, so we had to flip you back over. This has become routine for us. Every now and again in your sleep you turn yourself over and call for us to come flip you back! Daddy calls you an “angry turtle”.

I went back to work when you were 11 weeks old. That was by far way harder than I thought it was going to be. For some reason I have it in my head that no one can take care of you the way I can or love you as much, I know I am right! I love every minute we spend together. I love that I know you, all of your cries, your cues, your smiles. I love the time we spend together getting ready for bed. Bath, massage, a story then bed. I love being the first one you see when you wake up in the morning and the last person you see before bed. I love just sitting quietly and listening to you suck your thumb on the monitor (your thumb is always in your mouth)!!. When I am not with you I don’t feel complete anymore, you have changed my life.

Remember my promise to you- as long as you keep sleeping through the night, there’s nothing we can’t handle!

Love you Ma-mush,


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