Fifth letter to him….

To my son,

This is it kid! Less than 7 days to go until you are officially due. I am starting to realize that although you are due in 7 days, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be here in 7 days! You really are the boss. We are but mere pawns hanging on your every movement. At the last ultrasound 2 weeks ago you were weighing in at 7lbs 10 oz- the sonographer said she couldn’t get a
“real good measurement” because your head was low and sitting in the perfect position. When I went to the doctor last thursday I thought for sure I would be dilated a little but no such luck. We are only 20% effaced and at a -2 station. I guess you are real comfy and cozy in there because you are making no attempt to get this ball rolling!

I made it through almost 10 months with you without any new stretch marks! But then the other day I noticed my belly was itchy and when I looked in the mirror there were little purple squiggles all around my belly button. Super! Definitely not milfy at all! I do feel as if I am slowly being initiated into the “mom” club though!

My bag for the hospital is almost packed and you officially have health insurance! I registered you for Viacord and will be banking your cord blood. Hopefully we will never have a need for it and it can just be there in case. But I sleep better knowing that we have that waiting for you if a reason ever arises.

I am officially on maternity leave. I have to admit to you, for all the complaining I do about working so much, I have only been off 5 days and I am already going stir crazy. I have ripped the fridge apart and washed the floors twice already. I urge you to hurry up and come soon before I start repainting the bedroom. If only I knew how to sheet rock!

Well I think thats about it for now. This will be the last letter I write to you while you are still inside of me. I have enjoyed carrying you every minute of every day. I have welcomed the kicks and the tumbles, the hiccups and the heartburn, the frequent peeing and the lack of sleep, the deafening snoring and even the tree trunk legs and the low back pain.

I promise to love you every day of my life…I can’t wait to hold you!


One response to “Fifth letter to him….

  • Kellie

    Holy HELL on a Triscuit! He’s almost heeeeeere! Can you friggen believe it?! I’ve only been reading you a short time but, I’m so excited for you guys. I can’t wait to read the “He’s HEEEEEERE!” post!

    Sending good labor and delivery vibes!!

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