Happy Anniversary

2 years ago at this time we were sitting on the beach listening to the ocean and enjoying a daiquiri and I was getting ready to marry my best friend.

I remember meeting you for the first time. I had spit up on my left shoulder and my clothes smelled of formula from watching the little man all night. But, you insisted on meeting for a quick bite. I did my makeup in the car as I drove to your place anxiously with butterflies in my tummy. As I sat across from you I listened to you drone on and on about yourself, God you were arrogant. But, I did find your confidence incredibly charming and I was drawn to your personality. You told me matter of factly that you were not looking for a relationship and had no interest in anything serious, instead of listening to you I fell in love with you! We became best friends and spent most of our free time together. You made me laugh like no one else and while other people didn’t get your personality I always understood you. Our friendship quickly turned into an incredible love for one another and we haven’t looked back since.

 I am such a better person with you in my life. Instead of defining who I am you compliment me. You support everything I do but ground me when I want to do things that are far-fetched (like throwing my nursing career away to become a tug boat captain)!  You love me unconditionally even when I drive you crazy. You have taught me patience and responsiblity and I am such a better person because of you.

We have experienced so much in such a short time together.  You took me to Europe and we discovered and explored a brand new place. We rode in a gondola and we danced to the violins in the middle of St. Marks square, sometimes our love feels surreal. It hasn’t always been sunshine and roses though has it? We have gone through our fair share of ups and downs, and we experienced loss and heartache that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But we got through it, and now we are a month from becoming a family and I love you more now then I ever thought was possible. 

 Happy anniversary love, only 58 more years left…lets make them count!


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