Third letter to him..

Month 7 (28 weeks)

To my son,

This has been a month of milestones my love. First and foremost we are officially in our last trimester! We have made it to a place I thought I would never see and I am beyond ecstatic! You are just about 2 1/2 pounds now. You are opening your eyes and sticking out your tongue all inside my belly! You are becoming more and more active and really get going around 6am. The other day when daddy was leaning on my belly you gave him a swift kick in his back! You do not like anything crushing your space. I can no longer sleep on my belly and bending over is becoming more and more difficult! The heartburn is out of control these days, nothing makes it better. My feet are constantly swollen and my hands and face are getting plump! I made an appointment for the 4D ultrasound and have to ask you a favor. Since this will probably be one of the last times to capture you on film while you are still inside me can you please cooperate? No turning over and mooning us like last time, I would really like some pics for your baby book!

Second milestone of the month was surviving the holidays. I was almost run down by an SUV at best buy on black friday trying to get your father a PS3! Never again! I worked most of the holidays this year so I would have them off for all your “firsts”!!  Santa was good to mommy this year! He brought me all things to pamper myself with like a spa for my swollen feet and a towel warmer for the shower. Your uncle got you a tiny little Mets outfit that your pop did NOT love-this will be an ongoing battle, get used to it…I can’t wait to see which team you actually wind up following: the mets or the skankees yankees! Before you make your final decision just remember who carried you for 10 months! (I can’t wait to guilt you with that for the rest of your life)!

We are officially down to 2 week visits at the OB’s office! Holy shmozes we are really getting down to the wire! I took my glucose tolerance test last week and you loved the sugary goodness of that drink and were kicking before i even had it all down! The results came back fine and we do not have gestational diabetes…not for a lack of trying might I add, we really need to start eating some salad :/

Grandma came over yesterday and we started to clean out your room. We picked out the colors and purchased the paint, all that’s left to do is decide on which chair rail I will use! I am thinking of ordering your furniture the end of the month and by the time it arrives there will only be a month left. Yowza.

Well kiddo I think that’s it for now, keep on kicking 🙂



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